4: Conch Gets Robbed

Seagulls have taken over the bowling alley, a businessman gives his ferryboat an unadvisable name, Neil gets to know his old high school teachers better than he ever wanted to, and one Conch Public Radio reporter will do anything to get the scoop. It's the Season One finale of Low Tide!

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Created and produced by Reed Kavner

Season One writers:
Sarah Short
Brad Frizzell
Mike Zakarian
Rose Sherman
Kate Emswiler
Reed Kavner

Music by Ultraviolet Sounds

Logo by Mason Phillips


Introduction and credits: Jesse Thorn

Neil Sullivan: Reed Kavner

Windsor Cosmetic Surgery Group (written by Brad Frizzell)
Narrator: Colby Smith

Seagulls in the Bowling Alley (written by Rose Sherman and Reed Kavner)
Reporter: Rose Sherman
Marta: Sarah Short

Bank Robbery (written by Reed Kavner)
Stanley: TD Sidell
Phone operator: Lara Fox
Robber: Rick Frizzell

Island Ferry (written by Reed Kavner)
Reporter: Sylvie Borschel
Fred: Eric Lamonica
Sarah: Sarah Short
Marcus: Mike Zakarian
Captain: Brad Frizzell
Crew member: Mike Zakarian
Lettuce guy: Reed Kavner

Teacher Appreciation Week (written by Sarah Short)
Hillary: Rose Sherman
Scott: Brad Frizzell

Thong Palace (written by Kate Emswiler)
Narrator: Michael V Hernandez
Sexy baby voice: Sarah Short