3: Merry Conchmas

A detective is on the hunt for The Grinch; a local electronics store may not be the best place for your holiday gadgets; elementary school students have some disturbing requests for Santa; and a few too many ankles were broken at this year’s No-Ice Ice Skate Skate Race. It's the holiday edition of Low Tide!

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Created and produced by Reed Kavner

Writing/Creative team:
Sarah Short
Brad Frizzell
Mike Zakarian
Rose Sherman
Reed Kavner

Music by Ultraviolet Sounds

Logo by Mason Phillips


Introduction and credits: Josh Gondelman

Neil Sullivan: Reed Kavner

Jolly Nick's Sparking Hard Eggnog (written by Kate Emswiler)
Narrator: James Coker

Grinch Detective (written by Reed Kavner)
Detective: Dan Eberle

Toy Drive (written by Rose Sherman)
Narrator: Rose Sherman

No-Ice Ice Skate Skate Race (written by Brad Frizzell)
Reporter: Sarah Short
Skip: Brad Frizzell
Margaret: April Lavelle
Chip: Mike Zakarian

Tech Gift Guide (written by Sarah Short)
Sheryl: Sarah Short

Abstinence Rap (written by Sarah Short)
Rapper: Sarah Short
Hype Man: Brad Frizzell

Grenade Santa Letter (written by Brad Frizzell)
Kid: Sarah Short

Move Christmas Santa Letter (written by Mike Zakarian)
Kid: Mike Zakarian

Mug My Mom Santa Letter (written by Brad Frizzell)
Kid: Brad Frizzell