2: Conch Goes Viral

A movie star comes to Conch to source ingredients for a new candle with an intimate scent, a local sea shanty musician tries to appeal to Gen Z, and an environmental activist goes viral after polluting his pants.

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Created and produced by Reed Kavner

Writing/Creative team:
Brad Frizzell
Kate Emswiler
Mike Zakarian
Reed Kavner
Rose Sherman
Sarah Short

Music by Ultraviolet Sounds

Logo by Mason Phillips


Introduction and credits: Robert Smith

Neil Sullivan: Reed Kavner

Conch Bay Boardwalk (written by Reed Kavner)
Narrator: Patrick Reidy

Vagina Candle (written by Kate Emswiler)
Reporter: TD Sidell
Maddie: Priscilla McEver
Silas/Jeff: Barry Brown
Tandy: April Lavelle
Travis: Louie Arnowitz
Gwen: Emma Love
Kayla: Sarah Short
Yvette: Brad Frizzell
Rhonda: Kate Emswiler

C Shanties (written by Brad Frizzell)
Thomas: Brad Frizzell
Kyle: Louie Arnowitz
Madison: April Lavelle
Peter: Jared Jeffries

Beach Please (written by Rose Sherman)
Narrator: Lara Fox
Sign Reader: James Coker

Go Back Inside (written by Mike Zakarian)
Reporter: Mike Zakarian
Marty: Eric Feurer
DJ Conchface: Peter Andre