1: Conch County is for Lovers

An oyster eating demonstration gets messy, a tourist seduces the ghost haunting her hotel, local residents have beef with the new vegan sex shop, and Low Tide might need to find a new on-air dermatologist.

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Created and produced by Reed Kavner

Writing/Creative team:
Brad Frizzell
Kate Emswiler
Mike Zakarian
Molly Brenner
Reed Kavner
Rose Sherman
Sarah Short

Music by Ultraviolet Sounds

Logo by Mason Phillips


Introduction by Ophira Eisenberg

Neil Sullivan: Reed Kavner

Beach Waves Hair Salon (written by Kate Emswiler)
Narrator: Sarah Short

Oyster Shuck and Suck (written by Reed Kavner)
Owen: Jared Jeffries
Nicky: Ken McGraw

Ghost Baby (written by Kate Emswiler)
Reporter: TD Sidell
Georgia: Kate Emswiler
Charlotte: Kelley Quinn

Last Fish in The Sea Dance Club (written by Brad Frizzell)
Peter Perfume: Brad Frizzell

Vegan Sex Shop (written by Reed Kavner)
Reporter: Lara Fox
Elena: Cerra Cardwell
Mary: Molly Brenner
Gary: Eric Feurer
Lisa: Kaili Turner
Chanting protesters: Alex Teitel, Sarah Short, Mike Zakarian

Doctor Love (written by Rose Sherman)
Dr. Love: Donald Chang
First caller: Andrea Simons
Second caller: Mike Zakarian
Third caller: Rose Sherman

Ghost Baby Calls (written by Kate Emswiler)
Edgar: Mike Zakarian
Sonya: Cerra Cardwell
Cyrus: Brad Frizzell
Nathaniel: Kevin Cragg
Psychic Marie: Priscilla McEver