About Low Tide

Low Tide is the most popular public radio program in a seaside community called Conch County. The show features news reports, interviews, call-in segments, messages from local businesses, and more.

If you haven't heard of Conch County, that's because it's fictional and so is everything on Low Tide.

Low Tide is a collaboration between a group of comedy writers, actors, musicians, and even some real-life NPR personalities. The show has featured voices from over 30 performers, many of whom were regulars at New York's UCB Theatre, as well as actors who have appeared on shows like High Maintenance, Broad City, and Crashing.

Low Tide premiered on July 20, 2020 and was featured in Spotify's Laugh Out Loud comedy podcast playlist and was named one of Indiewire's Podcasts of 2020.

The Team

Creator/producer: Reed Kavner

Season 1 writing/production team: Kate Emswiler, Brad Frizzell, Reed Kavner, Rose Sherman, Sarah Short, Mike Zakarian

Music composed and performed by: Peter Andre and Ultraviolet Sounds

Artwork by: Mason Phillips

Thanks to our guests from NPR: Ophira Eisenberg, Robert Smith, and Josh Gondelman

Voiceover credits are available in each episode's description.