Low Tide - From Conch Public Radio

Low Tide - From Conch Public Radio

From Conch Public Radio, it's Low Tide - Conch County's most popular news and culture program. If you've never heard of Conch County, that's because it's fictional and this is a comedy show. If you're a fan of NPR, Parks and Recreation, or Welcome To Night Vale, tune in to Low Tide. We have tote bags.

June 27, 2022
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5: Conch Goes Recklessly Deep

Teens in Conch love the health department's new anti-smoking campaign a little too much, the ball pit at the Family Fun Zone may be "recklessly deep", Neil gets an indoor sailing lesson, and our attorney advises us that the recent death of a local resident may be "too funny" to discuss on public radio. It's the Season Two premiere of Low Tide!

June 17, 202200:01:562.79 MB

Low Tide Returns June 27

After more than a year away, Conch County's favorite public radio show is back with brand new stories, interviews, and sponsors. Season 2 premieres June 27, 2022.

May 18, 2021
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4: Conch Gets Robbed

Seagulls have taken over the bowling alley, a businessman gives his ferryboat an unadvisable name, Neil gets to know his old high school teachers better than he ever wanted to, and one Conch Public Radio reporter will do anything to get the scoop. It's the Season One finale of Low Tide!

December 21, 2020
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3: Merry Conchmas

A detective is on the hunt for The Grinch; a local electronics store may not be the best place for your holiday gadgets; elementary school students have some disturbing requests for Santa; and a few too many ankles were broken at this year’s No-Ice Ice Skate Skate Race. It's the holiday edition of Low Tide!

August 20, 2020
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2: Conch Goes Viral

A movie star comes to Conch to source ingredients for a new candle with an intimate scent, a local sea shanty musician tries to appeal to Gen Z, and an environmental activist goes viral after polluting his pants.

August 04, 202000:10:169.55 MB

Meet the Candidates: Al Denter for Treasurer

Local pasta tycoon Al Denter sits down with Neil to discuss his candidacy for county treasurer. Plus, calls from voters about the issues that matter most to them.